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Miscellaneous Links

Grayscale Images

Color Images

Biomedical Images

Biometric Images

Video Data

Geostatistics Data

3D scanning

Image denoising

Image coding

Image demosaicing

Image interpolation and Superresolution

Image segmentation/parsing and matting

Stereo matching& SfM

Image deblurring

Blind image deblurring

Image inpainting/Texture synthesis

PDE-based image processing

Image quality assessment


HDR imaging

Gradient-domain image processing

Video coding

Texture classification

Object recognition

Blind source separation

Image registration

Visual tracking

Manifold learning and embedding

Wavelets and frames

Compressed Sensing

Evolutionary computing

Networking Research

Biomedical Imaging

Data Clustering


Graphics, Cartoons&Motion

Machine learning&Neural Networks


Links to other communities' reproducible research effort

Links to reproducible books/journals/tutorials

Links to other individual's reproducible research

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